The majority of people will concede that they should exercise more. We all need half an hour of some activity every day in order to be fitter and therefore healthier. These 30 minutes correspond to a total of 10,000 steps or 8 kilometers of cycling. Cycling or walking while running one’s daily errands is the easiest way of making these 30 minutes of physical activity a daily ritual. Cycling and walking in the morning hours wake us up, keep us in shape, help us lose weight and reduce the negative effects of stress on our body. There are numerous reasons why you should take up cycling. Not only is it nice to experience nature from a more intimate perspective, but also beneficial for our immune system, muscles and bones. Cycling is a very relaxing activity that produces uniform body movement, thus stabilising the physical and psychological body functions. In addition to doing yourself a lot of good, you also help protect our planet and environment. This has inspired us to offer bicycles to our guests at Japin Breg and let you embark on your own cycling adventure.

Nordic Walking

Nordic walking has numerous benefits. It is 40 – 50 % more efficient than walking without sticks. It reduces tension in shoulders and the back of the head, prevents osteoporosis and arthritis, keeps our bones dense and our body flexible, and slows down the ageing process. This kind of walking improves posture and body balance, positively affects knees and joins, and burns up to 70 % more calories. Your nordic walking sticks are waiting for you at Japin Breg. Make sure you bring a pair of comfortable shoes and enjoy the nature around the complex.


Swimming is a much-loved recreational and competitive activity. Japin Breg gives you a privilege of enjoying the clear water of a private pool and the beautiful surrounding nature. The pool’s dimensions are 9m x 4m, and it is 150 cm deep.


The game of bocce is traditionally played on natural terrains. Bocce balls are made of wood, plastic or metal. At Japin Breg you will be provided with wooden and metal ones. The game can be playedby two players or by two teams of two, three or four players. The object of the game is to throw a boccia ball and aim as close to the small red target ball as possible. For each ball thrown closest to the target ball a point is scored. A team earns one point for each ball that is closer to the target ball on the bocce court than the closest ball of the opposing team. The winning team is the one that scores 13 points. It is also possible to roll a bocce ball, and when throwing it, it is done underhanded and the ball should fly in an arc. It is also permitted to hit either team’s bocce balls and the target ball for more points.


Volleyball is a sport characterised by a range of fast movements, requiring agility, quick reaction times, focus and coordination. At Japin Breg you will be provided with a volleyball sand court to have fun doing this amazing sport.


Badminton is a competitive and Olympic sport, but also a very popular recreational activity. It is possible to play it in nature, without a net and without a particular set of complicated rules, which is why it is sometimes not regarded as a real sport. In reality, however, it is a technically demanding sport requiring a lot of skill, stamina, strength and speed. At Japin Breg we have badminton rackets and shuttlecocks waiting for you. You just bring your sports kit and lots of fun is guaranteed.


At Japin Breg we have footballs waiting for you. You just bring your sports kit and have fun playing the world’s most popular sport.


You will not be bored at Japin Breg even when indoors. Waiting for you we have a wide range of games – Monopoly, chess, Playstation, playing cards… Bookworms and avid readers will be happy to find a wide selection of books and magazines.

Rent a quad

On Japin breg you can enjoy a ride on the Quad on beautiful forest roads exploring the roads of Bilogora.


In cooperation with the Paintball center “Šestine” (Zagreb), we offer you the possibility of organizing a paintball trip with promotional prices. An adrenaline adventure awaits you on 3500 m2 of terrain, and the best paintball equipment on the market. Parking is provided, and after paintball, you can enjoy a walk or hiking on Zagreb’s Medvednica.

Ping pong

On Japin breg, there is a ping pong table with all the appropriate equipment