Explore đurđevac

đurđevac sands

The Đurđevac Sands are a special geographical and botanical reserve and a unique natural phenomenon covering an area of 20 hectares in the vicinity of the town of Đurđevac. This unique Croatian desert boasts a specific landscape of sand dunes and unique flora and fauna.
The Đurđevac Sands are 11 kilometers away from Japin Breg and can be reached by car or bicycle.

Link to the website: www.zastita-prirode-kckzz.hr

The town od đurđevac

Đurđevac is the administrative, cultural and economic centre of the Đurđevac Podravina region.

Link to the website: www.djurdjevac.hr

The đurđevac town museum

The Museum is located in the Old Town fortress, which is listed as a protected cultural monument of the Republic of Croatia. The fortress is famously related to the „Legend of the Rooster“, based on the historical event that took place during the Turkish invasions in the 16th century. Since 2007 the legend has been safeguarded as intangible cultural heritage of the Republic of Croatia.
The Museum is 10 kilometers away from Japin Breg and our guests are given discounted admission to its exhibitions.

Link to the website: www.muzej-djurdjevac.hr

old town restaurant and beer hall

The imposing Old Town fortress invites you to enjoy traditional Podravina dishes in the restaurant and beer hall located on its premises. Our guests will receive a discount on the restaurant’s delicacies.

Link to the website: www.stari-grad-djurdjevac.hr