Japin Breg Holiday Homes

We present to you the Japin Breg holiday homes, located near the town of Đurđevac or, more precisely, on the picturesque Čepelovac Hill. The homes are located on the very top of the hill, thus providing the guests with absolute privacy and relaxation. Japin Breg features a swimming pool, free parking, cycling opportunities, fully furnished houses, plenty of space for socializing and fun, as well as the possibility of organising celebrations, conferences, anniversaries and birthday parties.

St. Joseph’s Chapel

This family chapel was built using century-old wood and is consecrated to St. Joseph. He was Virgin Mary’s spouse and Jesus’ legal father. The name Joseph is of Hebrew origin and it means “God will add”. The Gospels describe Joseph as a “tekton”, which translates as “carpenter”, and in Greek this word means a skilled craftsman in the art of woodwork. St. Joseph is also referred to as a silent saint because the Gospels do not record any of his words.